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What is a Memory Keepsake?

Memory Heart Bead - Ashes

What is Memory Jewelry? or a Memory Keepsake...

Memory keepsakes are momento items which remind you of a particular person, place or memory. For centuries jewelry has helped us to preserve memories - for example the symbolic engagement/wedding ring, lockets, graduation pins or rings etc

Another type of Memory Keepsake emerges with Soulstra: Inclusion pieces. These items are individually made by hand using the inclusion(s) that you provide.

*Cremation Jewelry and Cremation Keepsakes (jewelry or keepsakes made with cremains)
*Hair/Fur Jewelry and Hair/Fur Keepsakes (jewelry or keepsakes made with Hair or Fur)
*Beach sand Jewelry and Beach Sand Keepsakes (jewelry or keepsakes made with beach sand. Keepsakes and jewelry can also be made with soil)
*Breast Milk Jewelry and Breast Milk Keepsakes (jewelry or keepsakes made with dehydrated breast milk)

In future blog posts, I'll be going over each of those in detail, but for today I want to focus on the idea of Memory Jewelry and Keepsakes as a whole. If you'd like to know when new blog posts are coming out, be sure you're subscribed to Soulstra on social media or check back often!



Why do people want Memory Jewelry or Keepsakes?

Memory Keepsakes - whether it be jewelry, a window ornament, a tattoo, or even a photo - usually serve as a reminder of something special... maybe its the hat your grandpa always wore, or a note hand written by your best friend. A person who has a Memory Keepsake is holding on to something that means a lot to them.

When it comes to Memory pieces, Soulstra focuses mainly on creating small Keepsake items that can be taken with you anywhere. A physical token of memory that has been created just for you.

These Keepsakes often serve as Memorial tributes, though not all of them are made with ashes - some of our pieces are made using inclusions of hair or fur, a unique way to create a memorial if you are unable to use cremains.

There are other milestones in life that can also be celebrated with Memory Jewelry... like your wedding or first home.

So next time you're at the family vacation spot, scoop up a little bit of sand or soil and collaborate with Soulstra to create a unique keepsake!

Memory Bag Charm - Soil


Tips to prepare:

if you are interested in ordering your own Memory Keepsake(s) the exact preparation will depend on which type of inclusion you would like to use in your keepsake, as well as which type of artist you'd like to work with.

I've included a few general tips below for some of the personalized keepsakes that Soulstra offers. If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us at any time.

*Cremation Jewelry and Cremation Keepsakes (jewelry or keepsakes made with cremains)

If you have (or will be receiving) your loved one or pet's ashes, you might be thinking about what to do next. You may be considering Cremation Jewelry or Cremation Keepsakes. If you are in a scenario where the ashes will be scattered or buried you may want to keep a small amount of ashes aside.

If you're comfortable separating the ashes alone (or with a friend) you can certainly do that, otherwise you could ask the funeral home, vet clinic or crematorium to to help you. The amount of ashes you will need depends on the type of Keepsake you are interested in. When working with Soulstra, a tablespoon amount is enough to complete a large number of pieces.

If you're thinking about working with another artist please check with them for the amount you might need.


*Hair/Fur Jewelry and Hair/Fur Keepsakes (jewelry or keepsakes made with Hair or Fur)

There are many reasons to consider a Memory Keepsake made using Hair or Fur. You could have a keepsake made with Hair as Best Friends jewelry, or with fur as a unique tribute to a current pet!

These pieces also offer an alternative Memorial option for those whose loved ones or pets will not be cremated. Samples could be clipped off or collected from every day spots like a hair brush or fur from the seat of the car. If you are unable to get the hair yourself, please do not be afraid to ask the funeral home or vet clinic for assistance.

Only a small amount of hair or fur is needed - order specific details will be provided when working with Soulstra.


*Beach sand Jewelry and Beach Sand Keepsakes (jewelry or keepsakes made with beach sand. Keepsakes and jewelry can also be made with soil)

If you're like me, you have a few places that are very special to you... it might be high up in the mountains at your favourite camping spot, the beach where you got married, or the place your loved one's ashes were scattered many years ago.

Soulstra offers an opportunity for you to take that place with you anywhere. Next time you're feeling connected to a spot, scoop up a small amount of soil or sand for your own personalized keepsake. If you've already got some sand or soil, lets get started!


*Breast Milk Jewelry and Breast Milk Keepsakes (jewelry or keepsakes made with dehydrated breast milk)

Breast Milk Keepsakes can be made for a variety of personal reasons. For example, as a unique tribute to Motherhood - or to memorialize a late term or newborn loss where you are not able to use ( or not comfortable with using) cremains.

If you're considering working with Soulstra to create a personalized Breast Milk Keepsake, you'll want to dehydrate the milk. This can be done at home by using either of the following methods:

Food Dehydrator - use a small amount of milk in a shallow dehydrator safe dish. Check periodically and stir if needed. You'll want to remove as much moisture as possible.

Oven method - use a small amount of milk in a shallow silicone baking dish (silicone helps to ensure it doesn't stick) and set your oven to the lowest setting - around 200°F. It can take upwards of 6-8 hours so make sure you're going to be around to check it and stir if needed. You'll want to remove as much moisture as possible. The amount you'll need to complete your order will depend on the number of pieces you'd like, but a tablespoon amount is enough to do a variety of things.



 In Conclusion

I hope you've enjoyed learning a little bit about Memory Jewelry and Keepsakes, why people might want them, and how you can prepare if you'd like one of your own. I welcome questions at any time so if you have any, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!

If you like the photos used in my blog post today, you can see more by visiting our Gallery page & don't forget to subscribe to Soulstra's mailing list for exclusive discounts and content 


Memory Pendant - Tree of Life
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